1st Magento Meetup Hungary: Increasing Conversion and Performance in Magento 1 and Magento 2

Date: 8 November 2016, Tuesday, 6 p.m.

Place: Eiffel Bistro & Bar, 1055 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 78.


Registration: Magento Meetup Hungary




Max Pronko:

Real use cases of performance optimization for Magento 2 (presented in English)

Is performance in Magento 2 the same as or slower than Magento 1? There are lots of discussions and debates about Magento 2’s performance. All debates are around sample data and Vanilla platform comparison. In this topic Max will share optimizations techniques to have solid page load times for Magento 2.

Max Pronko has 10 years’ of software development and consulting experience in Magento products and large-scale platforms. He successfully designed and implemented high quality products from mid-sized to large scale applications. He has proven experience in identifying areas of improvement and developing efficient processes. Max also shares Magento 2 tips and news in his weekly newsletter, The Devletter.


Tamás Perencz-Szklenár:

Varnish integration in Magento 1 (presented in Hungarian)

Varnish is a reverse caching proxy, that can dramatically decrease page load times. It sits between visitors’ browsers and the backend server, intercepting each request and attempting to provide a previously cached response from its own static storage while requesting only the dynamic elements from the backend. The developers of Magento recognize its power and Magento 2 uses this service by default, but stores on Magento 1 can benefit from it as well. In this presentation Tamás will show you how.

Tamás Perencz-Szklenár has been developing web applications for over 10 years. He had dealt with a number of programming languages and ended up specializing in PHP and JavaScript as he saw a great potential in both of them. A few years ago Tamás started working with the Magento eCommerce system in which he develops extensions together with his AionHill team mates.


Péter Szaniszló:

Make sales based on real data! (presented in Hungarian)

In our digital world, especially in the case of online stores, strategic thinking is of utmost importance, and this strongly applies to the world of data as well. This approach can be illustrated nicely through the sales funnel model, which helps in structuring the multi-level processes: sales levels, measurable items, KPIs, recommendations, tools etc. Thus the online shop will not only become an independent tool, but a profit increasing machine.

Péter Szaniszló is a digital marketing analyst at online communications agency Aquarius Hand. He continuously broadens his field of expertise ‒ beyond learning from experience, he self-educates himself and also participates in trainings to keep up with the constantly changing digital environment. It is an exciting challenge for him how to structure different sets of data to get useful and relevant information. Additionally, he likes combining this information with creative messages so that data-driven marketing can come to its fullest potential.


The presentations will be recorded on video and uploaded to the web. Links to these will be sent to the participants later on in email.

After the presentations attendees will have a chance to socialize and get to know each other. Finger food and drinks will be provided courtesy of our sponsors.


Let’s have a nice time together!

AionHill Team

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