… 3, 2, 1, Launched!

We proudly announce that AionHill has started its new mission. After outlining the strategic direction, training and expanding our troops, we are ready to stand up to the challenges with full force. Our goal is crystal clear: to give the best to our clients. We’re dauntless.

After years of hard work we can proudly say:

in Magento nothing is impossible for us!

The core of our army is made up of our Magento developer team. We don’t employ mercenaries, don’t outsource work, everything is done on our own board. This means maximum efficiency and safety. Not only to us but to our clients as well. In order to lead Magento projects to success, we provide a full circle of services.

Services From hosting solutions and code audit to page speed optimization, we cover every aspect necessary to the flawless development and operation of an online store. Our rescue team embraces the projects in crisis and leads them to victory. We leave no one behind. Thanks to our support service, our ecommerce partners can always be sure that if they release an emergency call, we will fight down the blockages. We’re constantly watching the field.

We follow the ecommerce trends and developments and as everything is in constant motion, we won’t stop moving either. We adapt, learn, and also develop breakthrough solutions. We inform and advise. We write regularly in our ecommerce blog about topics that give useful information and tips to the entire Magento community.

We will publish about methods of increasing conversion, Magento development, online marketing, ecommerce store design, user experience, ecommerce innovations and a lot of other valuable content. It would be a lie if we said we know perfectly well what our future holds. But we definitely see that we have set off in the right direction.


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